Mental coaching for ambitious professional athletes

Service de coaching mental pour sportifs disponible en province de Liège et à distance

Sportsmen and women reach excellence thanks to mental coaching and lead an impactful sports career.

The goal of my approach is to help you lead your sports career in the most judicious way possible! !

How do I do that? Thanks to your mind!

Développer un mental d'acier à toute épreuve grâce au coaching

Propel your career with an ironclad mind

Thanks to my specialization in Neuro Linguistic Programming and my ICF Coaching, I can help you reach excellence in your field. Everyone envies the life of great athletes, and yet...

The top athlete is quickly given great responsibilities.

The field of sports requires a great involvement in training, rigor but also a mental of steel..

You already have this mental steel, and I can help you make it unsinkable ! And this at any age!

Thanks to effective and concrete solutions, you will quickly gain in motivation and determination! !

But also:

    • Develop your Leadership
    • Gain in self-confidence
    • Improve your communication with your entourage, your team, the media, etc
    • Find a balance between your private and professional life
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Reach the "FLOW", the "ZONE"
    • Better control of your life through choices aligned with your values and core beliefs
    • Eliminate mental blocks and strengthen supporting beliefs
    • Develop your resilience
    • Find a powerful "WHY"

Your mental is essential to achieve and experience success! vivre le succès !

The mind is not only prepared just before competitions. 

It is not useful just in the way of achieving success... 

It's also essential to keep your head on your shoulders at the top of your career! !

In the video, Emmanuel Petit shares the problems he encountered after achieving success.

These problems could have been avoided if he had prepared himself to live his success! !

Through my coaching, I help you find a deep motivation that goes far beyond your professional success... 

Something that will keep you motivated and determined even when you are at the top! 

So you can avoid complacency and continue to grow! !

"Once you get the top what happens? That's where the danger actually comes in..."

- Emmanuel Petit, an international footballer

« There have been times when I've beaten boxers who were physically superior to me. And if I still beat them, it's simply because they didn't realize, themselves, that they could beat me. »

- Robert Paturel, boxer 6 times French champion and European champion.

Some testimonials from my coachees

Mental coaching has helped me a lot in my sport. I have felt this difference because since I have been working with David, my last 3 fights were totally different.

Less stress, more motivated and overexcited. I was having more fun competing!

It even had an impact on the physical and tactical side. Indeed, I was less tired and being well in my head, the technical work was very well done!

The way David coaches is also very good. Not only did he work on the sports side, but he also helped me to manage the pressure of everyday life!

Miko Khatchatryan


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