David Talamvekos Coach Professionnel Mental à Liège et environs

Who am I?

David Talamvekos - Peak Mental Coach

I am a Coach des points forts GALLUP au cursus certifié ICF but also certified in NLP by the Robert Dilts' NLPU.

My life mission is to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves.

Helping them by inspiring them, by giving them the opportunity to believe that it is possible.

In my opinion, getting to know oneself and doing everything possible to achieve one's goals is the best way to be happy but also to make many people around us happy

From a commercial and paramedical position to mental coaching

Initially I have a commercial, then a paramedical background.

My life path and my attraction for business and surpassing oneself pushed me towards a position that combined both specialties: taking care of people while having a commercial side.

Afterwards, my life experience pushed me to invest more and more in personal development, to the point of becoming a coach.

Today, I want to leave a trace on this earth, the trace of someone who knew how to help his fellow man while never forgetting his own dreams or even simply forgetting himself.

And c’est à travers le coaching des points forts GALLUP que j’ai décidé de réaliser cette mission de vie.

"The time is not far off when everyone will have their own coach. There will be as many coaches as there are doctors or lawyers. There will be hundreds of thousands of them in the world"

Steven Mitten, ICF President, 2004

Coaching en développement personnel et professionnel

My coaching practice

Coaching is my passion. 

It requires listening, presence and respect for the client's autonomy. This autonomy allows the client to make the decisions that are best adapted to his deepest desires and the achievement of his personal or professional goals.

I make sure that I practice good coaching! The coaching methods I have been taught at the Leading Coach Academy are certified and recommended by the International Coach Federation.

During my coaching learning process, I had the pleasure to discover some PNL.

It was love at first sight with NLP. Today I am specialized in this field.

Domaine qui est pour moi un des plus puissants en matière de développement de potentiel et d’intelligence émotionnelle.

Un jour, j’ai suivi le conseil de mon meilleur ami et j’ai passé le test GALLUP. Directement, j’ai compris l’intérêt de cette philosophie!

Pourquoi perdre du temps et de l’énergie à travailler nos faiblesses alors qu’il suffit de travailler nos talents innés?

Je me suis donc spécialisé au sein de GALLUP afin de devenir un coach des points forts.

Make the first step today !

Do you want to discover how my coaching can help you?

So I invite you to me contacter aujourd’hui.

This first call will allow us to know each other and better determine the coaching type that best suits you.

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